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WhiteHorsesInTechnicolorEverywhere (W-H-I-T-E) presents its debut full length album SUNNA, a blend of eerie pop melodies, meteoric noises, and gravitational rhythms.
Artful pop melodies and experimental space sounds, not combined, but as one, in the vein of Panda Bear or Dan Deacon. It's like an expansive platform of sound falling from space and entering the stratosphere, where it burns and bends and twists and melts to reform as airy melodies and a beautiful voice, gravitational beat's and oceanic fluidity.
The result is an ethereal yet grounded album, something to listen to in both caverns and cars. W-H-I-T-E is Cory Hanson, residing in Valencia, CA, has played with Magic Mountain, Blackagar Boltagon, Hellomynameischad, and yes, DEER. Cory also recorded and produced OKIE DOKIE's s/t E.P.
SUNNA, will be released as a CD/Digital and as three 7" vinyl’s.

CD edition of 500"

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released January 20, 2010

Written and recorded by W-H-I-T-E(Cory Thomas Hanson) in the summer of 2009, at his moms house in San Gabriel, CA. Released by Aagoo/Swill Children in January of 2010.



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WHITE Los Angeles, California

WHITE is the stage name of electronic artist Cory Thomas Hanson. He lives in Los Angeles.

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Track Name: When We Were Young
Remeber when we were young?
All the kids in their castles?
Laughing screaming out for fun?
Talking into our assholes?

Well I will survive.
Track Name: Take Me Out to Dinner
She takes me out to dinner
I've never been so afraid
This is exactly what I wanted
I am ashamed.
Track Name: Particle Nightmare
I am haunted by the dreams
Of a girl I used to know
She absorbed everything
Into her hair and skin
Her face dissapparated
Into the atmosphere away
I can see the particles
Move slowly through her eyes.

2 light years will turn her
Into an old and stinking hag
2 light years will turn me into
A young and youthful man
The only thing we had in common
Was the planet's moon
But only because she hated
To go venture in the sun.
Track Name: Nightmare Cont'd
Track Name: Cosmic Dragon
The cosmic dragon is asleep
He's underneath the galaxy
And anyone can see him
He's in your eyes
The god that you play games with
Is no disguise.

The cosmic dragon cannot stand
The audience that force his hand
They wanna see the stars
But they already can
Though my travels were in vain
Now I understand.
Track Name: Burn Towards the Sun
Our world burns toward the sun.
Our girls burn toward the sun.
Track Name: Project Universe
A million white and staring eyes
Project the universe in the sky
All things, always.

When you see me leave your eyes
<you'll know
Your relationship to mine.